Acquatik Park La Cavallina

Acquatik Park La Cavallina has 20.000 Mq of park swimming pools diligently treated with lawn, five splendid swimming pools recently renovated: for adults, for children, water games, two with whirlpools and a diving bay with diving board. There are vast areas equipped for sunbathing, equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, served by two kiosks, ideal for lunches and snacks. The main one where you can enjoy fabulous burgers accompanied by salads, cold dishes, pizzas and sandwiches, ice creams and granitas, fruit and cafeteria. The other kiosk is an oasis with a white beach and hammocks with cocktail bar.

The water park also has eight beach volleyball courts, one for soccer and islands dedicated to picnics.

In addition, Acquatik Park La Cavallina has studied a particular proposal for the lunch break: leaving work you can take advantage of a dip in the pool and a summer bite before returning to the office.

Joy, enthusiasm and vitality to make the days at Acquatik Park La Cavallina happy and sunny, with friends, family or simply for a relaxing break during lunch.

For dinner, the Pizzeria Restaurant La Piazzetta is available which is part of the Contrada La Cavallina complex, opens from 19.30: from meat, to pizza to fish, you will find specialties of all kinds!

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us!

After 2.00 pm entrance reduction of € 2.00 per person.

Daily entry Acquatik Park La Cavallina (Swimming pools Park)

Adults€ 14,00€ 12,00
Children€ 11,00€ 10,00
from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.€ 9,00€ 9,00


After 2.00 p.m. reduced entrance price of € 2.00 per person

10 entry subscriptions Acquatik Park La Cavallina (Swimming pools Park)

Adults€ 110,00€ 190,00
Children€ 90,00€ 140,00
from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.€ 80,00€ 120,00